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If your child loves exploring the great outdoors, making crafts, and having fun playing wild and zany games then this is the camp for them! Camp is for children aged 7-11

Nature Nuts Summer Camp Staff

The GRCA prides itself on having highly specialized, expert staff. All camp instructors are certified teachers with the Ontario College of Teachers with over 25 years of combined experience teaching outdoor education. All staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, AED, Conflict Resolution, Group Dynamics, and Leadership Development.

Location of Nature Nuts Camps

The camp is conveniently located in Port Hope just off County Road 28 - exit 464 on the 401. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful modern facility, a large AIR CONDITIONED conference area for those rainy or too hot days, storage areas for campers’ personal gear, and a great picnic shelter for outdoor crafts and lunchtime. We also have 2 fields for sports or large group games.

NEW for 2021!
* Only 8 campers per week - first come, first serve
* All registrations will be completed over the phone, and payment must be received via credit card
* Fee for all camps is $195.00

Camp runs from 8:45AM - 4:00PM with extended care available in the mornings from 7:45AM and in the afternoons until 5:00PM. Fee is $15.00 for AM or PM, or $30.00 for both per day.

Call the GRCA for more information or to register - 905.885.8173

Survival Week - Part 1
What would you do if you got hurt or lost in the forest or if you had to fend for yourself all alone in the wilderness? Campers explore wilderness survival through the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water during this action-packed week, which includes camper favorites such as cloud reading, animal behavior, first aid, and fire building. To cap the experience, campers will celebrate by making a cookout treat on the Friday.
Our Flying Friends
For all those who have ever dreamt of being able to fly! Through engaging presentations, exciting activities and beautiful crafts, this week celebrates all of those amazing creatures that glide and fly. We will explore our relationship with these insects, bats, and birds, and undertake projects that demonstrate how we can responsibly share the land and skies with these incredible creatures. On the final day of camp, campers will bring home their creations in order to invite these animals to visit and stay.
Mad Scientist 
Ready to put your observation skills to the test? Join us this week as we use our senses and some pretty neat technology to better understand the world around us. Using digital microscopes and thermal imaging cameras, we will get a sneak peak at some small and spectacular sights as we  search for the ultimate “wow” factor. Watch out as we make things move, grow, stick, slosh, ooze, and maybe even change colour! Themes include: Water, Fun with Food, CSI, Against the Odds and Design and Build – Space Edition. This week is bound to spark curiosity, wonder, and excitement as we get a little messy exploring the science in our everyday lives.
Survival Week - Part 2 
Back by popular demand: Survival Week, Part Two! Campers explore even more wilderness survival skills, including tracking, gathering food, finding water, and building shelters. To cap the experience, campers will celebrate by making a cookout treat on the Friday.
Rockin' Reptiles & Amazing Amphibians 
Can you tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? Have you ever wondered where turtles go in the winter? Then come spend a slimy and scaly week learning all about Canada’s reptiles and amphibians. Through hands-on lessons, games and activities, campers will spend their days deep in the amazing, and sometimes bizarre, world of our cold-blooded friends. As a finale to this incredible week, campers will race their own ‘magic turtles’ and cool down in a Reptile and Amphibian-themed water battle.
Crafty by Nature
Join the Nature Nuts Academy of Fine Arts as we spend a week learning all about various art mediums through hands-on activities. Campers will explore fun painting techniques, homemade scratchboard, and sculpture in different household mediums. For many of these crafts, campers will need to explore our natural surroundings to responsibly harvest the materials for construction or inspiration. We combine this week of artistic activities with fun game show inspired games. Campers will celebrate their graduation from the Academy with a final day of activities that celebrate color, water, and food.
Best of Camp 
Can’t decide which week you like most? Had so much fun that you want to do it all again? This week condenses the campers’ favorite activities from all of the preceding weeks into 5-themed days. This is the perfect week for those who want it all, and is a fun-filled way to celebrate the final week of summer vacation!