GRCA Heads Into Third 4-Week Session of Nature Nuts School, Now Offered to Grade 8 Students

The Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) is heading into the next 4-week block of Nature Nuts School; a program which supports the Board of Education online learning requirements.

GRCA is pleased to offer a safe and supervised space, with tutoring support to successfully fulfill student’s online learning programs. Students will complete the mandated 5 hours of online instruction on computers provided by the GRCA, with breaks throughout the day for interactive learning that further explores the curriculum and encourages skill development.

All tools for a structured day of learning will be supplied. Students will have access to at least one OCT-certified teacher while they are in the care of the GRCA; most days it will be two. Teachers will provide tutoring that support the child’s online activities. On two teacher days, each child will receive even more individual attention, as the GRCA cohorts the students according to their grades, providing differentiated instruction that is suitable for their maturity and development. As Aaron Staples, GRCA Outdoor Education Teacher explains, “It is our intent to send each child home with as little ‘homework’ as possible.”

The next 4-week block of Nature Nuts School runs from November 9 – December 4, 2020, Monday through Friday from 8:45AM – 4:00PM with available extended care. Registrations are based on a minimum of 4 weeks, and are being offered for a fee of $250.00 per week. Additional fees required for extended care.

If this opportunity will assist you and your child during their online journey, please call the GRCA at 905.885.8173 for more information or to register.