Logging operations in the West Forest continue just south of Boundary Rd. Trails remain closed off in the logging area. Main travel roads remain open, however users should proceed cautiously wherever caution tape/signage is encountered.

Logging operations around CF17/CF18/CF19 are nearing completion. Logging around CF17 and CF18 have been completed and trails in this area have been re-opened for recreational use. The CF19 logging area remains closed while operations wrap up. Hoping to have these trails re-opened sometime next week

.Logging operations are also progressing well along the eastern boundary of the Central Forest. Trails remain closed on the east side of the road that runs from CF20/Carmel Line to CF27/Oak Hill Rd. This main road remains open, however recreational users are advised to proceed cautiously along this route as it is shared by logging equipment.

As always, recreational users are asked to obey trail closures and to be mindful of shared travel routes around the active logging areas.