Forest Management

The Ganaraska Forest is owned and managed by the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority. In 1998 a management plan was completed for the Ganaraska Forest that will provide direction in the management of the Forest for 20 years. A number of objectives are identified in the plan, including the conservation and protection of the headwaters of the Ganaraska River, the protection of heritage resources in the Forest, the maintenance of wildlife habitat and the provision for outdoor recreation and education.

The production of wood products through the implementation of ecologically-based resource management practices will continue to be an important component of the multiple-use nature of the Forest. Pine plantations, which make up approximately 50% of the Ganaraska Forest, are being converted back to natural forests through the process of selective thinning and harvesting.

Keep an eye out for signs alerting you to harvest operations beginning in August 2018. The harvests are selection thinnings and are designed to minimize impact on recreational activities and trails. All thinnings are carried out using Sustainable Forestry and Good Forest Management practices to improve the health and resilience of the stand. Be cautious and safe when using the forest, and stay clear of all harvesting machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about forest management, contact the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority at (905)885-8173.


August 1st marks the opening of timber harvesting season (August to February) in the Ganaraska Forest. Four blocks totalling 325 acres are scheduled to be harvested this season. Users should note that recreational trails will be closed in these areas while operations are active. Additionally, users should be mindful of logging truck signage and exercise caution while utilizing forest roads around these areas.

If you have questions or concerns regarding forestry, contact GRCA's Forester Gus Saurer at 905.885.8173.