Outdoor EducationPublic education aspires to ensure that all citizens reach their fullest potential to serve society. We believe that it is impossible to achieve individual or societal potential without regard for the environment that sustains us.

The GRCA’s Outdoor Education Program enlivens the school curriculum by providing an environmental focus and by engaging students in hands-on experiential activities that will develop their attitudes, knowledge, and skills. We are a longstanding and reliable partner of countless leaders in our schools and communities. In fact, we have been offering exceptional quality, curriculum-linked outdoor education programs at the Ganaraska Forest Centre since 1978. Hundreds of thousands of youth have connected with nature through the GFC!

Outdoor EducationIf you are teaching in a classroom, leading a youth group in the community, or training your workforce, look no further to find an enthusiastic partner in the development of your minds. Our programs are adaptable to students of all ages, and because they are rooted in the goal of reaching potential, many of the programs are also exceptional training opportunities for organizations and businesses.