Permit Application Form

If you would like to speak to staff before submitting your permit application, GRCA recommends to first go through the Authority’s Inquiry/Preconsultation process.

Please ensure to contact GRCA staff by phone or e-mail with questions you may have any time between Monday and Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.  

Please ensure the following is submitted with your completed permit application:

  • Appropriate fee as per GRCA’s Fee Schedule
  • Final drawings including a site plan. Please ensure that these drawings match exactly the plans to be provided to the Municipality for Building Permit purposes.  

Complete Application Checklist

Areas Where Permits May be Required

GRCA may require the issuance of a permit for projects in the Ganaraska Region in the vicinity of a:

  • Watercourse
  • Floodplain
  • Valley slope
  • Wetland
  • Shoreline of Lake Ontario
  • Shoreline of Rice Lake
  • Hazardous lands

Please see GRCA’s Mapping Tool for information on our Regulated Areas. 

Activities That May Require a Permit

You may require a permit from the GRCA if you plan on doing any of the following work within the regulated area within the Authority’s jurisdiction:

  • Construction, reconstruction, erection or placing of a building or structure of any kind;
  • Changes that alter the use, or potential use, of a building or structure (i.e., commercial use to residential use, conversion of a garage to a habitable space)
  • Increasing the size of a building or structure, or increasing the number of dwelling units in the building or structure (i.e. new apartment unit including basement apartments)
  • Site grading
  • Temporary or permanent placing, dumping or removal of any material (including, but not limited to fill, dirt, stone) originating on the site or elsewhere
  • Straightening, changing, diverting or interfering with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream, or watercourse
  • Changing or interfering with a wetland (including, but not limited to, fill in a wetland, dredging and grading)

GRCA reviews permit applications to ensure consistency with GRCA’s Policies for the Implementation of Ontario Regulation 168/06