Surprise Your Loved One with a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

With over 40,000 tree and shrub seedlings being planted throughout local watersheds in the 2017 Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) tree planting season, the GRCA is encouraging landowners to think about tree planting for 2018 this winter.

Trees add to the watersheds ecosystems by increasing connectivity and providing for wildlife habitat, but also increase the beauty and timber potential of the area. Seedlings will eventually grow to be large trees that will provide many benefits to the environment and your property:

  • Consider establishing a windbreak to help reduce home heating costs, or shade trees to reduce home cooling costs.
  • Consider large scale reforestation on marginal land to increase wildlife habitat, or provide future additional income through timber management or other forest resources.
  • Help increase forest connectivity by planting in areas that will increase the size of existing forest or woodlots.
  • Enhance stream banks and river valleys by planting species that stabilize stream banks and increase stream shading.

There are options when considering tree planting – purchase tree seedlings through the GRCA (a minimum of 25) to plant at your leisure with your loved one, or have tree seedlings planted for you by the GRCA (minimum of 500).

If you’re looking for that unique gift for your special someone, consider gifting them with trees for a spring 2018 tree plant project with help from your local conservation authority! If you decide tree planting is something you’d like to consider outside of a Christmas gift, the deadline for the tree planting program is January 19th; or if you’d rather plant your own trees, all over-the-counter orders must be received by March 2nd, 2018.

For more information on how you can participate in the GRCA’s tree seedling program or funding programs, please contact Kelly Gibson at 905.885.8173 or