Union Gas Continues to Support Local Stewardship and the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

Union Gas has generously donated funds to the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) over the last five years for various stewardship projects. Local Union Gas employees have assisted with these projects which have included tree planting, the development of a native flower garden, the installation and extension of accessible pathways at the GRCA head office and Corbett’s Dam, as well as other ongoing stewardship initiatives across the Ganaraska watershed. 2017 marks another grateful year for the GRCA, with another generous donation of $1,000 from Union Gas towards low impact development demonstration sites, which include educational information on permeable pavement.

“At Union Gas, we care about the environment,” said Ed Gouweloos, Union Gas Utility Services Construction Manager, Cobourg. “And we’re proud to support the important environmental conservation work that the GRCA is doing across this watershed.”

Stormwater runoff occurs when rain or snowmelt flows off hard surfaces rather than being absorbed by vegetation and soils. In order to prevent flooding, storm sewers quickly remove water off of roads, sending it through underground pipes, eventually entering stormwater ponds, local creeks or Lake Ontario as untreated runoff. As a result, stormwater can impact local water quality and quantity. Untreated water not only affects the quality of water for fish, insects, and birds but also our source of drinking water – Lake Ontario.

One solution to this problem is the use of permeable surfacing materials. Permeable (porous) concrete and engineered plastic grid products have the durability of pavement with added environmental benefits. Rain or snowmelt drains through the open spaces within the porous materials rather than running off of the surface.

The environmental benefits of permeable surfacing include:
 increased groundwater recharge
 reduced surface runoff rates and volumes
 reduced water contamination through natural filtration
 reduced flash flooding through increased drainage capacity

For more information on the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority’s programs and services, please contact the Conservation Authority at 905-885-8173