GRCA Issues Flood Watch

Flood Watch: Moderate

The Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority advises that over 50mm of rain has fallen since last night and another 10 to 15mm is possible before the rain tapers off this afternoon.

Due to the heavy overnight rainfall, runoff to local streams will create higher than normal water levels and flows leading to potentially dangerous flow conditions today. Minor flooding in low lying areas adjacent to streams is possible especially during and after heavy downpours. Ponding of water on urban surfaces may occur as storm sewer systems can become overwhelmed during high intensity rainfall.

Lake Ontario water levels have declined in recent days but remain very high for this time of year and a separate Flood Watch is in effect for the shoreline due to the potential flooding and erosion. There is a greater risk of flooding today where high stream flows are meeting the lake. Winds from the south causing high waves on the shoreline remains a significant concern and may increase shoreline erosion rates.

Eroding shorelines, submerged beaches, flooded marinas and wetlands on Lake Ontario will continue to be hazardous with potentially unstable banks. Residents are asked to exercise caution around our shorelines and to alert any children in their care of these dangers.

This Flood Watch will be in effect through Sunday, June 25th, 2017. Conservation Authority staff will continue to monitor conditions, and provide updates as necessary. Should you have any questions or wish to report flooding, please contact the following GRCA staff at 905-885-8173.

Mike Smith
Flood Operations Officer

Mark Peacock, P.Eng.
Flood Forecasting and Warning Coordinator

Note: A Flood Watch is issued as notice that flooding is possible in specific watercourses or municipalities. Municipalities, emergency services and individual landowners in flood-prone areas should prepare.