Call for Volunteers

The numerous wind storms that occurred this winter and early spring have resulted in a large number of fallen trees and branches on trails in the Ganaraska Forest. Forest staff have been working for the last several weeks on cleaning up forest roads and wider trails. Clearing single-track trails is much more difficult as vehicles cannot be used to access the vast network of these trails. The Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority is looking for volunteers who can help out with clearing single track trails as well as other trails. Forest members who are dirt bike or ATV riders (for trails in the West and East Forest areas) or mountain bike riders (for the Central Forest) would be well suited to this task. We welcome interest from all users groups such as horseback riders and hikers, to help out as well.

Many of the trees that have fallen are smaller and in some case can simply be pushed off of trails. Other trees can be cut with a portable hand saw. Larger trees requiring a chain saw can be reported to staff, indicating as accurately as possible, their location. Volunteers are not permitted to use power equipment such as chain saws due to safety and liability concerns.

If you are interested in helping out please contact Steve McMullen, Forest Recreation Technician, at or by calling the Ganaraska Forest Centre at 905 797-2721.